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How far will the inquisitor go to hide the truth? Written by James Swallow.

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Japanese Blood Debt Issue During the Era of Tunku Abdul Rahman

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Description A ghost has invaded Henry Fitzroy's home, beginning a dangerous nightly game in which Henry is allowed to ask a single question. If the answer is no, an innocent and unsuspecting person is killed. Henry soon comes to the horrifying realization that this wraith - and the others who join it - is using him to wreak vengeance on the people it holds responsible for its death.

Henry can't find the source of these murders on his own, so he calls on the one person he trusts to help - private investigator Vicki Nelson - with the small hope that they can stop these otherworldly forces, without losing their lives. Blood Debt also includes a brand-new short story featuring Vicki and Henry! People who bought this also bought.

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Blood Pact Justine Eyre. Add to basket. Blood Lines Justine Eyre. Blood Trail Justine Eyre. Blood Bank Justine Eyre. Blood Price Justine Eyre. Bestsellers in Fantasy. By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our Cookie Notice for more information, and to learn how to change your cookie settings. A Blood Angels short story Inquisitor Ramius Stele is desperate to escape a world being consumed by the dread forces of Chaos. But Stele is hiding a deadly secret, and if the Blood Angels discover it, his life — and soul — will be forfeit.

Enter the Blood Angels - including the infamous Captain Erasmus Tycho battling a tide of daemonic horrors. Action, drama and treachery in one Quick Read. Add to wishlist. Inquisitor Ramius Stele is desperate to escape a world being consumed by the dread forces of Chaos. As the corrupting influence of the Ruinous Powers threatens to consume his soul, salvation arrives in the form of Captain Erasmus Tycho and the Blood Angels.