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From a rippled zinc shack in rural Puerto Rico to "the better life" in a decaying Brooklyn tenement, Esmeralda Santiago's Puerto Rican childhood is one of sorcery, smoldering war between the sexes, and high comedy. Hers is a portrait of a harsh but enchanted world that can never be reclaimed. August sale poco. Imaginez un instant pouvoir retenir n'importe quelle information, et ceci, en vous amusant.

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Les gens y vivent plus longtemps qu'ailleurs et souffrent de cinq fois moins d'affections que le reste de leurs compatriotes. Et Artrax va en profiter pour mettre au point sa vengeance Traduction Audible Studios. Un emploi du temps de ministre? Dabei ist er selbst auf der Suche nach den Verantwortlichen.

Was bleibt von uns, wenn alles, was wir kannten, untergeht? Er hat hier noch etwas gutzumachen. Er hat die besten Zeiten hinter sich, genau wie das ganze Dorf. Wann hat dieser Niedergang begonnen? Hat er mit Junkfood seine Gesundheit ruiniert? Doch was ist wirklich gesund? Wie nimmt man effizient ab? Lassen sich Altersleiden vermeiden? Kann man sich gezielt "jung essen"? Trilogie bleibt Trilogie. Geschichten aus Anthologien, Live-Programmen Willkommen in QualityLand! Und wer bei TheShop angemeldet ist, bekommt alle Produkte, die er bewusst oder unbewusst haben will, automatisch zugeschickt.

Kein Mensch ist mehr gezwungen, schwierige Entscheidungen zu treffen - denn in QualityLand lautet die Antwort auf alle Fragen: o. Eigentlich hatte Harry geglaubt, er sei ein ganz normaler Junge. Zumindest bis zu seinem elften Geburtstag.

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Und warum? In an institution for people with memory disorders, two people looking for solutions find love along the way to their recovery. Believing she is showing the first signs of the disease, she enters the care of Prof. Christian Licht. In the house, Clair meets Philippe, a wine expert who is traumatized by a car accident that killed his wife and child. The two fell in love and decide to move in together, but their conditions make their lives harder.

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Will they be able to recover the fractured pieces of their memories and live happily together? Have you ever experienced humiliation in the workplace? If yes, you could relate to this next film in our list. Stupeur et tremblements is about the difficulties that Amelie experiences while working in Japan. Can Amelie live with her dreams to become a real Japanese or will the intensity of the Japanese working environment prove too much?

Do you like solving mysteries?

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A crime that takes place at the Chateau du Glandier, one night, somebody attempts to murder Matilda, the daughter of the famous Professor Stangerson. There is no weapon, no suspects, and the room is locked and barred from the inside. How could you tell the truth to your loved ones if you are the person they rely on? Will you confess to them that you got fired from work?

That will be very hard for you to do, right? Recently fired from his job, Vincent cannot accept the fact that he is now unemployed, and is unable to confess the truth to his family. As Vincent enters buildings and hallways of busy workers, he starts to yearn for a job and a place in this world. In , in a small isolated island of Saint Pierre, a man murders another and receives a death sentence by guillotine.

Since the island is small, the guillotine must be transported there. Neel also becomes famous in the community after doing simple chores like planting, repairing cottages, etc… which further increases his popularity to the people. When the guillotine arrives, the Captain feels pity for the prisoner and calls off the execution.

As a punishment, both of them have been sentenced to death.

A tragic and moving film that explores notions of punishment and duty. There is a story about a rich man who spent five guineas to pay a sailor to father a child with his beautiful young wife… In the Portuguese colony of Macao in the 19th century, a very rich merchant become obsessed with making this story true.

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The assistant finds people to do the job, but after the job takes place, the assistant finds the merchant dead. A powerful story of hubris and identity from one of the true masters of cinema. Our last film in the list is about two French soldiers captured and imprisoned in a German camp in the First World War. They plot an escape plan with other prisoners, but fail and are brought to another location. Aristocratic Captain de Boeldieu and his mechanic, Lieutenant Marechal are taken by Captain von Rauffenstein who treats them with hospitality. Rauffenstein, who weak with battle wounds tries to befriend de Boeldieu, but the latter has other plans on his mind, and is willing to put himself in danger to allow others to escape.

The story concerns class relationships amongst imprisoned French officers during the First World War and their various attempts of escape.

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