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Furthermore, he informed the Minister of the willingness of the COM to contribute to the construction of a Plan that would better suited to the context, by leading a broader consultation that would include the social and economic actors as well as the inhabitants of Saint-Martin letter which also remains unanswered to date.


The announcement of this ruling clearly demonstrates once again the lack of consideration of the State representatives for a French overseas territory that is currently under physical and psychological reconstruction after the passage of hurricane Irma, and whose inhabitants, though concerned by their safety, cannot additionally endure the imposition of rules that would directly impact their living conditions and their future. However, this announcement undermines these collaborative efforts.

The recently implemented PPRN prohibits construction on almost the entire coastline of our island which not only represents the main source of interest for visitors but also a major residential area for the population. As the property and real estate heritage of thousands of Saint-Martiners is at stake, the activity of the economic stakeholders and the social stability of the territory are severely impacted as well.

Yes, this version of the PPRN is worrisome. It is also driving away serious investment projects that would significantly contribute to the economic recovery of a New Saint- Martin. Such precipitation, in full hurricane season, while the reconstruction is just underway following the compensation payments of insurance companies, raises many questions. Moreover, a PPRN, such as the one imposed today, cannot and must not be built so hastily or conceived without those who live on the territory.

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Substances for almond roca: 2 cups 1 lb unsalted, good-quality butter 2 cups brown white sugar 1 cup full roasting almonds, coarsely sliced or halved 1 cup semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips?? Major-bottomed pot saucepan or Dutch oven, at the least 2-quarts Silicone spatula nonstick cooking spray. In big heavy-bottomed pan, burn butter over high-heat, stirring continuously. Continue cooking over high-heat and mixing continually, incorporating coarsely chopped almonds.

Go off the warmth to get a minute if it begins to smoking. Aim to distribute smoothly. Once they have dissolved a bit, disperse them overthetop of the recent combination with a silicone spatula. Mon mari est de retour et je promets de ne plus jamais me quitter.

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Tu devrais avoir une chance. Je vous remercie.

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Je suis heureux aujourd'hui parce que mon mari est de retour avec plein d'amour. En effet, il est formidable. E-mail: drodion60 yandex.

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  8. Il m'a seulement dit de partager la bonne nouvelle dans le monde entier. Bonjour, je suis Celine Lupes. L'email des lanceurs de sorts est: gethelp05 gmail.


    Vous pouvez lui envoyer un e-mail si vous avez besoin de son aide dans votre relation ou dans toute autre affaire. Je suis tellement heureux de constater que la partie amoureuse travaille positivement sur mon mari en moins de deux jours. En ce moment, mon mari et moi vivons plus heureux que jamais auparavant.

    Je suis reconnaissant au Dr. Oduduwa, grand homme, pour ses talents exceptionnels. Je le veux dans ma vie mais il refuse tout contact avec moi. Je suis tellement heureuse que mon amour soit de retour et nous ne sommes pas seulement sur le point de nous marier.

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