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Long ago, I had an experience that illustrates that point perfectly.

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When our oldest son was eight years old, he hung around and virtually worshiped a very brilliant year-old named Ernie, who loved science. Our son was curious about everything in the world. He was greatly annoyed. One might wonder how on earth learning came to be seen primarily a result of teaching. Moses, Socrates, Aristotle, Jesus — these were people who had original insights, and people came from far and wide to find out what those insights were. No one in his right mind thought that the only way you could become a philosopher was by taking a course from one of those guys.

Great Educational Quotes - The Learning Revolution

On the contrary, you were expected to come up with your own original worldview if you aspired to the title of philosopher. This was true of any and every aspect of knowledge; you figured out how to learn it, and you exposed yourself to people who were willing to make their understanding public if you thought it could be a worthwhile part of your endeavor. That is the basis for the formation of universities in the Middle Ages — places where thinkers were willing to spend their time making their thoughts public.

By the way, this attitude toward teaching has not disappeared. When quantum theory was being developed in the second quarter of the twentieth century, aspiring atomic physicists traveled to the various places where different theorists were developing their thoughts, often in radically different directions. What was true of physics was equally true of art, architecture…you name it. It is still true today. Schools should enable people to go where they want to go, not where others want them to. Every word — teacher, student, school, discipline, and so on — took on meanings diametrically opposed to what they had originally meant.

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Consider this one example from my recent experience. I attended a conference of school counselors, where the latest ideas in the realm of student counseling were being presented. I went to a session on the development of self-discipline and responsibility, wondering what these concepts mean to people embedded in traditional schooling. George Orwell was winking in the back of the room.

Today, there are two worlds that use the word education with opposite meanings: one world consists of the schools and colleges and even graduate schools of our education complex, in which standardization prevails. Standardized health plans and a centralized clearinghouse would substantially ease the path for Medicare for All, says Obamacare advisor and Penn professor Zeke Emanuel.

Climate change is becoming an emergency around the world. However, as population growth slows and the urbanization trend matures, the sector is shifting from an[…]. Log In or sign up to comment. Nevertheless, this article is spot on for learning. The traditional business model of education needs to be improved.

Disruptive innovation can make that a reality. If the real purpose of education is to learn, then it should answer the needs of the learner whether those needs coincide with the norm or not. In most cases they do not. There is so much to know. What are the things we need to learn?

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Fantastic read! While reading, my mind wandered to some cool places. Imagine if you could take your idea and turn it into reality. To do this, you could tap into our current capitalist system.

Making Minds Whats Wrong With Education And What Should We Do About It

The answer is, the contined development on ending unneccsary fears, in order to ensure human survival. Inately, we are all rooting for ourselves. And everyone knows that. However, no one wants to admit we all need to change a great deal to continue our existence.

This comes from two big paces. First, the feelimg and impressiom that there is no hope.

Second, with change comes pain, and people are taught to run from pain, so they hide… We need to create hope. The two fears to focus on are food imsecirty, and homelessness. No one should be afraid to take on a new challenge because they fear ending up on the streets. And no one should have to sleep on a sidewalk and be dehumanized in front of the world. If you eliminate those basic fears it will unlock even more human potential.

And at first it will appear to be bizaar and hard to understand.

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That is where the change will really begin. I apologize if my grammar is off.

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I was never good at being processed through the current system. Because of this I found alternative paths through similar circumstances to what you are describing. Part of my path has been difficult without ever being taught to properly explain myself through standard means.. Or that I used to just not care. We can still make the world a better place for future generations.

Look at the work N Square is doing around removing nuclear power. There has to be a way clean up our past mistakes by using the tools and levers available today. This article is poorly written. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Making Minds by Paul Kelley. Making Minds is a controversial critique of our education systems. The author is a school leader 'at the forefront of scientific and technological advancement in schools' who, as an American, 'felt comfortable taking on the British establishment' The Times Educational Supplement. Making Minds is written for general readers- especially parents- as well as educational professionals.