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One should do it their way. It means thinking for yourself, taking responsibility, and not being a yes-man.

3 Reasons God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

Do both. The approach I feel most comfortable with says God has no special specific plan for your life. Rather what he wants for you is what he wants for everyone else. The late John Dingell served in the U. Congress for 59 years, more than anyone else in American history. Someone said that he was such a successful legislator because he was able to live with ambiguities. This may be the key to living a successful religious life. He is a retired systems analyst and is now an artist and author of The Last Trolley Stop , a memoir about growing up in Takoma Park during the Great Depression.

He currently resides in Columbia, Maryland with his wife, Dolores. We invite you to join our community through conversation by commenting below. We ask that you engage in courteous and respectful discourse. Volume 47, Issue 4. Written by:. Heber Bouland. A Good or Bad Song? Choosing a Career Robert was majoring in business at an Adventist college but a college staff member advised him to switch to pre-med which he did.

Selecting and Practicing a Religion The father of my friend, Richard Coffman, was baptized an Adventist but stopped going to church while he was still young. Conclusions Whose guidance should one use to help make important life decisions: your own, God, clergy, parents, or spouse? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Current Issue Volume 47, Issue 4 Not yet a subscriber? Subscribe today!

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Social Media 26, Today's parable — it's showing what Jesus meant for the young man.

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You don't earn anything from God. Whatever you receive is a gift, whether you begin at the first hour or the last hour, you are being gifted. God is giving you everything.

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You wouldn't exist if God's love hadn't called you into being. You wouldn't survive a moment, a second, an instant unless God's love was always there sustaining you. There's no way you can earn that. God first loved us and that's the truth.

I’m Okay and I’m on My Way!

God's ways are not our ways. God doesn't wait for us to earn anything; God loves us. Of course we should be trying to follow this way of God as lived out by Jesus. The first Christians had difficulty with it.

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  • In the early part of the letter of St. Paul to the church at Corinth, he's obviously dealing with this same kind of question. He has to tell them that when Jesus was handed over and didn't resist, people thought it was foolish. When Jesus loved those who were putting him to death, they thought it was a scandal. Paul says to the church in Corinth, "To the Jews it's a scandal.

    To them that's a scandal. What kind of a God is that? But then to the wise the Greeks, Paul calls them , it's sheer foolishness. But then Paul says, echoing the words of Jesus, "The foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength. So we can learn, in a very powerful way today, this lesson that God's ways are not our ways; God's thoughts are not our thoughts.

    I gave you some examples from the Scriptures. But in our everyday life, if we listen deeply to Jesus, we discover that in many ways our everyday lives are not following God's ways or God's thoughts.

    6. God’s Ways are Not Our Ways

    In our individual personal lives where God asks us, for example, if your brother or sister has something against you, even if you're offering a gift at the altar, go first and be reconciled. How often do we reach out to be the first to try to heal a rift in one of our relationships, be the one who tries to bring about the reconciliation? Or do we hold grudges? Or do we expect people to earn what we bestow upon them? Or are we willing just to give and share whatever we have as Jesus taught us? Blessed are the poor in spirit — those who know what they have is a gift and are willing to share it so everyone has a full chance for a full life.

    But this past week there was a way in which God's ways were totally ignored in a very threatening, frightening way. Even to threaten to do that is wrong; it's sinful. Yet that's where our nation is. The committee met with the leaders of our government. He was the secretary of defense. I was part of the group. We asked Mr.

    God's Way versus our ways

    Weinberger, "Will we really use those weapons that we threaten our enemies with? That's a sin beyond belief, beyond comprehension. It's not the way of Jesus. It's not the way of the Gospels. Yet, it goes on and we don't protest. We don't find some ways to try to change that policy of our nation. So there are large ways and small ways in which, if we listen to the Scriptures, we find that our ways are not God's ways.