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NOF acts as a bookmark to benchmark. NOF is an organization of academic examination conducted across the country.

International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book -Class 2 (12222-20)

An exclusive body of academicians of national and international fame prepares all the questions for the exam. It presents a common platform that assesses the problem-solving ability of a student by compelling them to think deeply.

58th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2017)

NMMS is the Scholarship exam that is conducted in every state. The objective of the NMMS scheme is to award scholarships to meritorious students of economically weaker sections to arrest their drop out of class VIII and encourage them to continue studying at the secondary stage. Scholarship of Rs.

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The council started several programs towards its vision, and one such program was the identifications and the nurturing of talented students and was called the National Talent Search Exam NTSE. Technothlon is a competition conducted for school students internationally by the student body of IIT Guwahati.

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The championship is conducted in two rounds:. The goal of the exam is to identify school students with outstanding skills in algorithms and computer programming. The first ICO was organized way back in ; however, it got its name in ISTSE is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test to get the strengths and weaknesses of individual students across India.

1. What is IMO?

ISTSE is designed to assess the overall intellectual potential of the students from class 1 to It uses conceptual; multiple-choice questions to focus on measuring how well skills and concepts underlying the school syllabus have been understood by the student. While preparing for ILSO exam , students will also get exposed and acquire new life skills. The CREST Olympiad are an international competitive exam held online for students in classes which is divided into various levels. The exam is an objective-type test that the students need to complete in 60 minutes.

Follow the link to know more about Crest Olympiad. SOF Exam Dates. Unified Council Exam Dates. Silver Zone Exam Dates. EduHeal Foundation Exam Dates. HummingBird Foundation Exam Dates. NOF Exam Dates. Crest Olympiad Exam Dates. Other Olympiad Exam Dates. Friday 6th Sep Conducted. Thursday 26th Sep Conducted. Unified Council realizes the mastery of fundamentals which is essential for students and it focuses on strengthing their basics. ASSET Olympiad Exams is a series of competitive examinations held at the school level which tests the conceptual understanding and analytical skills behind each topic of the subject.

Silver Zone Olympiad Exams is a series of competitive examinations held at school levels in the National and International spheres.

The Irish Mathematical Olympiad (IrMO)

July to January School will decide the Exam date. HummingBird has started offering its services in schools of 4 countries outside India and became internationally recognized. Find out the HummingBird Olympiad Exams dates and start preparing accoringly with the tips mentioned below.

HBCSE partners with multiple other government organizations to select the best and the brightest in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and junior science from the Olympiad Exams. These few students students are then sent along with teachers to compete in respective international Olympiad Exams and to represent their country at that stage.

6 benefits of Olympiad examinations for school students

Prepare for the HBCSE Olympiad Exams by refering the exam dates given below in the tabular format and serve your nation at the international level. The exam dates for different Olympiad Exams has been mentioned below:. School will decide a date in between October to December. The Organization or conducting body conducts only one Olympiad Exam and the exam date of these Oympiads are mentioned below:. Every parent asks a question when the Olympiad exams season begins, How should our child prepare for Olympiad exams?

To help those parents with the biggest question of the season, we have made an Ultimate Olympiad exams Preparation tips for the students. It is really crucial to recognize why one should prepare for Olympiad exams? Olympiad exams acts as a bridge to success. These Olympiad exams build the foundation of competitive career, other than academic curriculum. Olympiad exams basically helps students in the following exam:. The Olympiad Exams tests conceptual understanding, analytical thinking, and logical approach towards the problem. It helps in improving the performance at the school level and stay ahead in the competitive world.

The Olympiad exams assess students not just within class or school but also at a different level Zonal, National, and International Level. Olympiad Exams give early exposure to the student in a competitive world.

National Science Olympiad (NSO): Eligibility, Application, Awards, Dates

These Olympiad exams are commonly based on the Indian curriculum and the syllabus is the same for that. Many Olympiad Exams offer Scholarships on different levels. Students are suggested to read the NCERT or similar book of one higher grade to understand advanced concepts. The practice is always the key to enhance the performance and score a good rank in Olympiad Exams.

One of the most asked question is.. Here we have listed Olympiad wise books which you can take into consideration for the preparation of the Olympiad exams. Science Olympiad Foundation: Students those who are interested in Science Olympiad Foundation exam can visit Offical website where they can download the reference books for different subjects and class. HBCSE: organization conducts mathematics and science Olympiad at national and international level for which the Olympiad preparatory books is provided on its official website itself.

SilverZone Olympiad: There is a long list of Preparatory books for students who are interested in giving Silverzone Olympiad where they can find various mock test papers as well. What is Olympiad Exams? Olympiad Exams are school level competitive exams based on the school syllabus which are conducted by various independent Government and private organization. How to apply Olympiad Exams? Students can apply for the Olympiad exams in two ways i. The Olympiad exams that is privately organized, the registration for these Olympiad exams are generally done through schools and colleges.

The students from other countries like Nepal, Muscat, or Singapore, etc. What are the benefits of Olympiad Exams? Test the Understanding of Concept. Develops Analytics and Problem-solving Skills. Improves Academic Performance. Stepping Stone for future competitive exam. How do I prepare for Olympiad Exams? Almost all Olympiad exams are conducted on a similar syllabus that is taught at school. No reference books are required for the preparation of these exams.

Students just have to be clear with all the subject basics and concepts. The problems asked in these exams are very different from what students learn in the school. Questions are trickier and conceptual based which require the students to have a wide thought process to solve the variety of problems based on logic and concepts. How to Participate in Olympiad Exams? A prospectus containing the registration forms and olympiad exams dates for all exams conducted by the respected foundation will be sent to all schools registered with that particular foundation.

Schools that are not registered may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail to that Olympiad conducting foundation. What is the use of Olympiad Exams? Improves reasoning ability. Gain additional knowledge. Build confidence in the student. Provides a big platform. Who conducts Olympiad Exams? There are many Olympiad Exams which are conducted every year across the globe.