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Poems, 1957-1967 (Wesleyan Poetry Series)

School Donation Program In Memory of How To Swap Books? Maybe that's the worst sentence of all, to be deprived of feeling what a human being ought to be entitled to feel.

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Anyone else is welcome. You just get tired.

You kind of drift away. And that's what The Firebombing is about. All you see is a flash of fire and, depending on your altitude, you don't even see that sometimes.

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In he enrolled at Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina and played on the football team as a tailback. After one semester, he left school to enlist in the Army Air Corps. Dickey served in the U.

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Army night fighter squadrons during the Second World War, and in the U. Air Force during the Korean War.

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Between the wars he attended Vanderbilt University, graduating with degrees in English and philosophy, as well as minoring in astronomy. He also taught at the University of Florida. While teaching freshman composition at Rice, Dickey returned for a two-year air force stint in Korea, and went back to teaching. Norton Anthology, The Literature of the American South, He then worked for several years in advertising, most notably writing copy and helping direct creative work on the Coca-Cola and Lay's Potato Chips campaign.

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He once said he embarked on his advertising career in order to "make some bucks. After being named a poetry consultant for the Library of Congress, he published his first volume of collected poems, "Poems " in This publishing may represent Dickey's best work His popularity exploded after the film version of his novel Deliverance was released in Dickey had a cameo in the film as a sheriff.

Personal life In November he married Maxine Syerson, and three years later they had their first son, Christopher; a second son, Kevin, was born in Two months after Maxine died in , Dickey married Deborah Dodson.

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  • Their daughter, Bronwen, was born in Christopher is a novelist and journalist, lately providing coverage from the Middle East for Newsweek. Brenda Hillman Author Great River Paul Horgan Author Fire in the Stone Nicholas Ruddick Author John Other Selected Poems James Tate Author Delany Author Matthew Cheney Other Door in the Mountain Jean Valentine Author Connecticut in the American Matthew Warshauer Author Phallos Samuel R. Delany Author Robert F. Reid-Pharr Editor Longer Views Samuel R. Delany Author Ken James Other Silence John Cage Author The Collected Poems of Berger Other Shorter Views Samuel R. Poems, James Dickey Author