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His collection of French and Italian drawings commenced in , when he acquired several sheets at the Crozat sale. A major sale, including drawings, took place two years after his death to settle his enormous debts. A pastel portrait by Coypel is known only from a miniature copy. Watteau [24 livres 1; Chariot] Paris, Christie's, By the s he had built an immense fortune in cork and hydroelectric power. His political writings were influential during the rise of fascism in Spain.

Jean-Pierre Franque (peintre)

He was also a supporter of a degree of Catalan autonomy. Pastels: La Tour, Laideguive. In Paris, Drouot, Delbergue-Cormont, 8. Initially an employee of Hector Brame, he was mainly associated with the Impressionists. His wife was the singer Julia Rivera. He owned pastels by Hall Robert and La Tour homme which he lent to exhibitions in Dictionary, artists.

Jonathan Alpeyrie:–Les Coptes d’Egypte

The pastels listed are presumably his own work, but there may be confusions with Domenico Maria Canuti. Both the Oxenden and Capel Cure families owned picture collections, and she inherited the collection of her brother Basil Oxenden q. Naples a. Abate D. Lionardo Capuano", "conoscitore delle pitture antiche"; "vedendosi molte belle pitture ad olio, ed in pastelli, con rari disegni nel suo bellissimo appartamento".

None is known today.

His estate inventory The firm supplied a considerable number of undescribed Louis XV pastels to Duveen Brothers in the early s, according to the latter's accounts. Collections for list in ; his grandmother came from that town. La Tour himself had provided for the unmarried mothers of Saint-Quentin and was familiar with lost causes.

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Alcools (Athlone French Poets) (French Edition) - PDF Free Download

Her posthumous Teilungsinventar documented the division of her collection between her three sons, Karl Ludwig, Friedrich and Ludwig see Lauts The lack of detail makes it very difficult to interpret the inventory, which, among numerous art objects, lists in a separate section some pastels set out below , including unfinished sheets etc. Almost all are unattributed. The original orthography and abbreviations are preserved e.

Karlsruhe pp.

Hymne national de l'Égypte (ARAB/FR paroles) - Anthem of Egypt (French)

It appears that the objects in the two inventories are separate. Ein Frauenzimmerkopf in Pastell von Perronot, in schwarzer Rahme. Mlle Huquier] F 1 do. Ein halbnacktes Frauenzimmer. Rthl [Carriera] Nr. Rthl Ein Frauenzimmer in venetianischer Masque, in Pastell von Leotard. Rthl 88 Nr. Rthl 22 [? Tod der Kleopatra] Nr. Rthl 6 Nr. Rthl Nr. He edited Gomm's letters and wrote a book about Rotherhithe Manor, which his wife inherited from her uncle. Two Russell pastels left by Martha Goldsworthy to her companion, Sir William Gomm's aunt, passed to his son Hubert , the Liberal politician and publisher, but most of the collection, acquired from Sir William's widow, Dame Elizabeth Ann Kerr , granddaughter of the 5th Marquess of Lothian, were presented for sale at Christie's in as the "Gomm collection" following the passing of the Gomm Heirlooms Act It included old master paintings and early English drawings as well as two pastels.

Cartwright bought two Cotes pastels of members of the Colyear family at the Dawkins sale in , and also owned a Russell Mrs Allingham. He owned a number of pastels which were seized by Hitler or the ERR. His collection was dispersed in a number of sales after his death, including that in New York, Parke-Bernet, Walter Richard CASSELS , author of an anti-religious tract entitled Supernatural religion which attracted much attention when it appeared anonymously in ; he was also a poet and art collector. He lent pastels by Despax to the Salon de Toulouse in These reappeared in his posthumous sale in Toulouse, 7.

Their daughter Diane married the prince de Poix. His art collection, assembled in the period , encompassed some works, mainly of the Golden Age and late 19th century. Mlle Fel. Her extensive collections and Diderot's role in enlarging it are discussed in numerous sources. Dictionary , genealogy, Russia Lit. He was the subject of an intriguing double portrait with his wife, previously in the Groult collection, attributed to Perronneau. In he inherited the estates of his uncle Claude-Abraham, but he seems not to have used the title of duc de Caylus, which passed in turn to a cousin, Achille-Joseph de Robert, marquis de Lignerac, 2e duc de Caylus c.

A catalogue of the collections published in contains items and descriptions that do not precisely match those in the sale e. Item no. MEREL: [p. Quatre tableaux ovales en pastel de vingt-deux pouces de haut sur vingt-deux pouces de large, [p. Vente, Paris, Remy, Ce Tableau est peint au pastel. Fragonard [30 livres 2] Lot Trois portraits de jolies Femmes, au pastel, ils sont de forme ovale. Hauteur 15 pouces, largeur 12 pouces 6 lignes. A bibliophile, the sale of his library in produced , francs.

Dictionary , artists; suppliers, s. Mme Chaise Vente p. His collection included a number of important portraits as well as books and furniture, of which only part was sold in Emmanuel's brother, vicomte Robert, died on a scientific mission to Abyssinia.

Micheline Nilsen, Architecture in Nineteenth-Century Photographs—Essays on reading a collection

Paris, Galerie Charpentier, The comtesse de Champfeu lived at 42 rue de Bourgogne, Paris when she lent two pastels to the Paris a exhibtion, both inherited by her husband from Charles Jourdier q. Dictionary , index of suppliers. His sale including drawings.

Paris, Boussaton, The marquise owned a La Tour pastel Mlle Gaussin in The bulk of his estate was left to his nephew, Joseph II. Six major sales took place after his death, notably that of The posthumous inventory includes 19 pastels no doubt including some by Liotard. Un pastel, h. Deux portraits de S. Un portrait de S.

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His posthumous sale, Christie's, She lent a pastel thought to be by Perronneau, but now attributed to Hoin to exhibitions in Paris in and Her posthumous sale of pictures and drawings Paris, Georges Petit, 2—3. Dictionary , genealogy Chaumont. Pastels: Carriera, Callisto ; Coles, Clarissa. Venice , drawings collector, Venice, from whom Crozat q.

Considerable confusion surrounds this improbably spelt name variants are Chelchelsberg, Chechelberg. He was the German resident in Venice recorded as consul from , and a member of a family that had held this position for over years. Gasparo Chechel, presumably his father, was also an art collector, owning mainly Flemish paintings according to his inventory.

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Giorgio Chechel seems to have acquired some of his collection from Feldmarschall Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg. Giorgio's son Gaspar also seems to have played an important role in the Fondaco de Tedeschi in Venice, and also collected drawings. Giorgio's grandson, by his daughter Caterina Pezzana, married Elisabeth Le Blond, daughter of the French consul and probably sister of the subject of Rosalba's pastel.

Trained as a lawyer, he worked as a museum administrator from He was appointed assistant curator at the Louvre in , and was directeur des Beaux-Arts, Paris His memoirs are of interest. In a letter to Mme de Tencin, 5. He was himself the subject of pastels by Hoare and Knapton. His posthumous inventory recorded "dans une autre chambre au fond du corridor donnant sur le jardin deux tableaux pastels peints sous verre portraits de M. They were probably versions of the La Tour pastels, one of them being the copy of Belle-Isle now in Metz. A modest art collection was sold after his death, realising livres; the Perronneau portraits of Chevotet and his wife were not recorded.

He supported the poor and was a literary patron. He owned Giulio Romano's pastel self-portrait now in the Uffizi. His inventory Rome, 1. His acquisitions started before his marriage in to the heiress of the Crozat fortune, but it was during the period after his return to Paris that most of his purchases were made, at public sales e. Jullienne, and privately.