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Exercise, Etc.

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They offer a wide range of accredited courses for beginner, intermediate and elite levels. They are a reliable, convenient and economical one-stop-shop for anyone interested in health, fitness, and wellness. Highly Recommended!

It has been great to learn about the foundations of training in a new way. I particularly like the easy-to-follow and implement testing methods that lead to clearly defined next steps of correcting imbalances. Useful book! I can now plan a program to take a client from weakness to excellence. This course was great! I will definitely use the skills I obtained from this training in assessing my clients and myself. Great material and well written. Maybe a nice cheat sheet or download would be awesome for quick application after reading the material.

I'd like to see it's big brother with a course in FMS, the whole picture. Athletic Body in Balanc is an absolute must-have for any fitness professional, specially the ones tha have aspirations to train athletes. One of the best courses I've taken from your company. Very interesting material, applicable to the real world, learned lots of info, well done and well written!

Thank you! Susan from Arlington Heights , IL. Great course! Lots of excellent material for practical use of the foam roller. Great course for anyone to take. One sees foam rollers everywhere these days -- in the gym, in sporting good stores, etc. I've had a foam roller for years and learned a lot. I'm looking at it in a whole new light and I'm sure will see positive results from its use. Very well-presented straight-forward format, I am continually pleased with the quality of ETC self-study courses, and this one reinforced my satisfaction.

Elizabeth from Arlington Heights, IL. Very good course. I have learned a great deal from it, and have advised my colleagues to also take this course. This course gave me an insight of how to relieve pain, tightness and increase functions properly. I would definitely recommend this course to another trainer. I thought the course was very informative and well presented. I was a little shocked that the test was questions but after completion it was not over bearing.

This was one of the best fitness based books I have read, and I have been in the business for over ten years. It was clinical without going way overboard and being too wordy. I will recommend this course to my colleagues.

Well written course. In addition to a group fitness instructor I am a Ph. There were times the book made claims that were a bit to broad and too there were some generalist statements e. That said, it was a good course and I am glad I took it.

Three Basic Laws of Strength Training and Bodybuilding

Lots of very useful information regarding technique and purpose of exercises. I feel that when I train clients on the TRX that I have a fuller understanding of the many benefits, thanks to the course. I found the course to be quite educational. I will be using the tools for my clients!

Serious Strength Training-3rd Edition - Tudor Bompa, Lorenzo Cornacchia, Mauro Di Pasquale

Excellent course with good depiction of exercises and descriptions of execution. Excellent course. I will continue to use the text and the test as reference materials in planning workouts for myself and my clients.

There is good value here. Good course that provided information for the trainer to apply to every level of fitness. Great course and easy to follow and bone up and get some quality insight to TRX training and some valuable knowledge about training in general. I found this course to be extremely informative. The manual will be a great reference guide.

The course was easy to follow and stay on point. I like the fact there was sample workouts for sport specific and rehab. Wish there was discount to buy TRX after taking the course. It is so well organized with the descriptions and pictures. A ust have for every Trainer! This was my first experience with Exerciseetc and I will definitely do this again. It is a great book to add to my library. I will be referencing it at times! Very well written course with excellent information that I can use immediately! I definitely liked this book and think it will really help me with my practice.

Read Reviews Sean from Jupiter, Fl. I felt that the test questions were designed to allow us to really know the material logically as well as just from memory. This helped me to learn the concepts more easily. Great course. Helpful and applicable information i can apply with my clients and future potential clients. Great resource and information on functional exercises. There are an abundance of examples with great pictures to portray the correct exercise form. I work with a lot of golfers on strength, conditioning, and fitness during the off and on-season.

It was a great instructional book on the phases of training and I am looking forward to using some of the ideas in a practical setting.

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Excellent material. Very interesting and helpful. Well presented and easy to understand.