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Although he continues to write many poems, he has also written some plays. This play took place during Prohibition, and tells the story of the Rev. Leslie Spracklin and his dedication to eradicate rum running in Windsor. His talent for writing has been recognized in many places.

He won the Harbourfront Festival Prize in Toronto in for his contribution to Canadian literature. He has continued working in this position to and will continue in this position. Harry Low started his business operation in Windsor as a pool hall owner. They did a brisk business using speedboats off of the riverfront docks, but Harry sought more and bought 2 decommissioned ships to export even more beverages.

It did not take long for the police and other agencies to take an interest in the legal and not-so-legal aspects of the business and Harry Low would spend a large portion of the rest of his life in and out of jail and in trouble with the law or dodging the law. By the business had dried up and Harry moved to the States; he would move in and out of the country dodging the IRS and law enforcement until finally moving back to Windsor in He died at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Rich Mole.

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